Some solutions are available now, some are partially built (concept demonstrators), pending investment (PI) for completion and market availability

BotHub - On-prem, offline generative AI (PI)

Problem space: IT | ChatBot | GPT | Air Gapped

CyberBots - Chat bots for cybersecurity (PI)

Problem space: Cybersecurity | ChatBot | GPT

BuilderBots - Chat bots for the building industry

Problem space: Building & Construction | ChatBot | GPT

Geo Dashboard - Know where your jobs are

Problem space: Business Analytics

Does your business have jobs scheduled all over the place? Are you having trouble keeping track of everything?

Would you benefit from having a bird's eye view about where everything is? What if you could filter what you see based on metrics such as customer, distance, time, resources?

Well, there are industry-standard data analysis tools like Google LookerStudio, Microsoft PowerBI and many others that can help you.

These are great tools but need a bit of work to setup. We can help with that.

Awesome Drive - Cloud storage backups

Problem space: Cybersecurity | Recovery | Backups

Did you know that commercial cloud storage services are not normally backed up? There are many ways that your data can go missing. Some examples: a) accidental deletion, b) someone hacks in and deletes/encrypts your data, c) your cloud service provider denies you access from some reason.

Now imagine a solution where the filesystem (folders and files) and data storage are different things. You can browse and access everything, but the data is sprinkled around nominated storage spaces you control. You can track where copies of your data are stored (can be cloud, own servers, standalone disks) and how it is encrypted at each location. We can use the awesome drive solution to backup and protect your files.