Our projects are focused undertakings that bring together resources and expertise to address a specific challenge. It involves a collaborative effort with a clear goal and a defined timeline for developing a solution. Below is a list of our current projects.

Project MOIRAI

Problem space: Critical Industries | Cyber Security 

Imagine navigating cyber security compliance for critical infrastructure projects without the headache. Project MOIRAI brings you AI assistants that answer your questions like a friendly expert, along with custom tools that help you understand your risk and compliance needs fast. 


Problem space: Building & Construction | Project Estimation 

Imagine a future where construction project estimations are streamlined. You chat directly with an AI assistant, discussing your construction project needs. It instantly generates fully costed estimations based on your choices, updating plans as you go. No more endless phone calls! Need info on specific services? Our solutions will help provide answers on everything from government regulations to obtaining quotes for scaffolding, plumbing and electrical.